Questions About Shipping, Tracking, Lost Packages

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, we do! Depending on your location and where the package is coming from, you may have to pay import taxes or customs fees when your shipment reaches its destination. Each country handles this differently, which is why we can’t provide you with details. Please inform yourself about your residence country’s import policies to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

We wrote into the product descriptions of each item where it will be shipped from (under “shipping & import charges”). If two or more countries are mentioned it is impossible to know in advance which one your package will come from. Our supplier tries to pick the one closest to you, but sometimes they may not have the right size/colour in stock or other difficulties.

If your package has been marked as delivered and you did not receive it, oftentimes it is being held at your local post office for customs fees that need to be paid.

How much shipping fee will I have to pay?

That depends! If you proceed to checkout and enter your address, your shipping fee will be calculated (before payment). Shipping is free for orders over 100€! You must select this “free”-option manually upon checkout.

When will my order arrive?

Our products are printed on-demand, thus creating a lengthier process, and international shipping adds to the duration! In the worst-case scenario, it can take up to 6 weeks for your order to arrive. But it could also go much faster!

If your shipping method includes tracking, you’ll receive a tracking link via email when your order ships out. The tracking info includes an estimated delivery date!

When should I worry if my package was lost?

If your shipping method included tracking, check for the estimated delivery date in the tracking info. If your package didn’t arrive then and also wasn’t marked as delivered by your mail carrier, reach out to us within 7 days and we’ll arrange for a replacement.

If your shipping method didn’t include tracking, assume that your estimated delivery date is 6 weeks from the day you ordered. If you didn’t receive it by then, contact us within 7 days to arrange your replacement.

Your package may be held at your local post office for import or customs fees that need to be paid!

Please note: A package is only considered lost when it was shipped but not delivered. If your mail carrier has marked your order as delivered, it is not considered a lost shipment.

My order is marked as delivered but I did not receive anything!

Unfortunately, we cannot be responsible for items that have been marked as delivered to the address you provided at checkout. We kindly ask that you reach out to your mail carrier or local post office. There is a chance they may be holding the package for you or can help you find out where the package has gone.

If the correct address was provided, using the steps below usually gets the package recovered quickly. It is strongly recommended that you make sure your package is being delivered to a safe location that you are confident in!

Tips for package recovery: 

  1. Ask your neighbours! Sometimes packages are delivered to the wrong address, especially if you live in an apartment complex.
  2. Wait a few days to see if it gets delivered. Sometimes mail carriers scan a package as delivered without actually delivering it; this happens a lot, especially during the holidays. If this is the case, you should get it within 1-3 business days.
  3. Pop by the post office to see if they are holding it for you. Sometimes they forget to leave pick-up notices.

My order shows it is being returned to sender. What now?

Either you provided an undeliverable address or forgot to claim the package at customs. Contact us (with an updated address if needed) and we will send it again, but you will have to cover the new shipping charges!

What if I used a wrong or insufficient address?

Please take special care when providing your shipping address. If your address is considered insufficient, the shipment could be returned to us or stolen. In such the event that a package is returned, we are happy to reship it after receiving an updated address – but you will have to pay for the reshipment.

If you used an incorrect address during checkout that happens to exist, and your package is being delivered there, please contact your local postal service for further assistance. We do not offer refunds or reshipments in this case.

All my orders came in separate packages. Why?

Our fulfilment company has facilities all over the world! Not all products are always stocked at all locations.

We wrote into the product descriptions of each item where it will be shipped from (under “shipping & import charges”). If two or more countries are mentioned, it is impossible to know in advance which one your package will come from. Our supplier tries to pick the one closest to you, but sometimes they may not have the right size/colour in stock or other difficulties.

Questions About Exchanges, Cancellations, Refunds, or Returns

I received a damaged/misprinted/wrong item. What now?

We are so sorry to hear that! To help us resolve this quickly for you, please reach out to us within 7 days of receipt. Please include photographs of the item where the damage/mistake is clearly visible, your order number, and any other relevant details you may have about your order. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible and arrange for a replacement!

Can I cancel or edit my order?

Please double-check your order before going through with the payment! We are happy to refund your purchase if your order has not been processed by our supplier. Please note that we submit orders to our fulfilment centre within 24 hours. We advise you to email us right away if you wish to cancel or need to make changes to any part of your order. Please keep in mind that we’re a small team that doesn’t work 24/7 and there may be the unfortunate situation that we can’t help you in time.

My order arrived but I don’t like it/it doesn’t fit. Can I return or exchange it?

We’re sorry you don’t like your product – please let us know what your problem was! Unfortunately, we do not allow returns or exchanges due to the print-on-demand nature of our products and the fact that we’re working with a third party supplier. Once the order is processed, the item is yours (unless it is damaged/a misprint/the wrong one, read above).

Questions About the Production Process, Sustainability, & Responsibility

How are your products made?

We are working together with Printful Inc, a high-quality print-on-demand fulfilment company. They are the central knot between manufacturers of products, companies like ours that want their art printed on those products, and customers who want the finished product delivered to their home. Printful stood out to us because of the ecologically and socially responsible way they’re running their company, and their constant and transparent efforts to further improve in this regard. We provide as much information about each product and its origin in our product descriptions as we could find out!

Why print-on-demand (made-to-order)?

Every second, the equivalent of one garbage truck full of clothes is burned or dumped in a landfill. Fast fashion is a major contributor to environmental damage, and we don’t want this shop to add to it. That’s why we chose a fulfilment company with a print-on-demand (made-to-order) approach. We don’t have a warehouse full of clothes somewhere that may or may not be bought. Instead, the product you order will only be made after we know that you want it! The downside? It takes longer until your package arrives. We hope you agree that that’s worth it! 🙂

Questions About Our Product Selection

Why don’t you have more products?

We prioritise quality over quantity and we will keep adding to this shop until we have both! We only want to offer high-quality products we’re convinced you’ll like. Each product was selected with great care and tested by our team, into each design went a lot of thought and love.

Why can’t I find my favourite breed in this store/on my favourite product?

This store is still a work in progress! We will keep adding designs and products and eventually, all our breeds will be represented. However, some of our older artwork was drawn too small to work on big prints like clothing or blankets. We’re planning to re-do those breeds in the future, and in the meantime add more products where the small graphics are not a problem.

Why don’t you have larger sizes or more colours?

We will add more of both in the future! Unfortunately, some products that had larger sizes didn’t make it through our quality control round.

Any Other Questions?

Ask us via and we’ll happily answer you in a couple of business days!